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Remove Her Doubt

Oh Lord, I pray you remove her doubt. Being intentional with my time has been the theme of 2020. I have goals spread out through various areas of my life. All of them require a certain level of focus. They have required me to step up my game when it comes to...

I Accidentally Shopped on Black Friday

I'm not vocal about Black Friday but the day itself stings a little. My mom had her accident on Black Friday 12 years ago. I had never shopped before on that day and I sure as heck wasn't going to support the practice after her death. It is normally a day reserved for...

Will He find faith on Earth?

Today I had the honor of filling in for our pastor. My joke was that she must either really trust me or I keep drawing the new member short straw but here I was with the freedom to write today's sermon and share it with two amazing congregations. I am so thankful for...


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