Another ah-ha moment

If you’ve followed me for awhile you know that blogging has been a big part of my journey in this world. It started as a way to keep my mind occupied while I took up running. Yes, running for fun. As a hobby. Just because. I’d write about my adventures up and down the park path and try to keep it as entertaining as possible. Today, I still run, but it’s more for mental peace. It clears my head. It gives me freedom. It’s my workout of choice.

Then there’s blogging, vlogging, and everything in between. I am a go – getter. I jump in, all in, with little thought. Which results in either really big amazing, beautiful things or things that flop and flop hard. Guess what? I’m ok with either result because it means I am doing something in the direction towards improving my life. It might not always succeed they way I want it. It might look pretty in the process. It might not be popular or well-received. But I’m moving. I’m a work in progress always striving for bigger and better while encouraging you to do the same. Life’s short. We gotta live it.

So let’s chat about your ah-ha moment! Do you have a list of secret desires that you would love to act on? What happens when you get a small sign that you need to move in a certain direction? Do you jump all in when they occur? Do you analyze the heck out of it before sticking a toe in the water? Are you too afraid to do anything because the thought of flopping terrifies you? Chat with me here or over on my Facebook page.

No matter where you are with your ah-ha moment, today I want to simply encourage you to take action. Whether that’s sticking a toe in the water or jumping all in, make a movement. Do something small or big that leads you to the desire you want to achieve. You have to start somewhere. You have to start someday. Why can’t that someday be today?

I know you can do it.

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