Yes, the answer is yes.

Without hesitation, I can confidently say YES. Yes, I would stay home with my kids all over again.

I’ve been staying at home with our kids for four and a half years (holy crap, that went fast!). It was something my husband and I had always talked about and hoped would be something we could do once we had kids. However, it also wasn’t a decision we were going to make instantly. We had our son, I took my maternity leave, and I went back to work. He went to daycare. We started the hustle and bustle of our new schedule soaking up as much time as we could with our chubby baby.

I not only went back to work but I also jumped into a new position when I came back. My desire to do it well and be a high achiever was still there. Work was a big part of my life as it was for my husband too. We soon found ourselves dodging phone calls from daycare because neither one of us wanted to go and pick up our child mid-day. Finally, after five months of this, something had to change. We could see the crazy train pulling up to the station and we knew we needed to make a change or we were buying one way tickets down a path we simply didn’t want for our lives.


Something had to change.


We crunched the numbers (which always look good on paper until you cut your income and half and it becomes a reality) and took the leap. I remember getting ready on my last day of work thinking, “Lord, are we doing the right thing?” and He answered “I will provide for all that you need, here at the table of plenty.” No joke. That song instantly played in my heart. And you know what? He was right. We have been provided for ever since in some shape or form.

It’s one of the most popular questions I get from other moms is about my stay at home journey. This mostly comes up when they are considering the journey themselves. They want to hear the honest truth answers and they know I won’t sugar coat things for them. They want the good, the bad, the ugly – all of it. Leaving a nine year career, climbing a corporate ladder, contributing to our family finances – but would I do it again? Would I quit my job to stay home with my kids?

Would I do it again?


Without hesitation, I can confidently say YES. Yes, I would do it all over again. I’d do it in a heart beat. Has it been easy? Hell no. But you know what? I’ve learned more about myself than anything in this journey and that is priceless. I am proud of the person I have become by taking this path. I look at my son who is now five years old, in pre-K, and growing taller by the day and think, “When did you grow up?” I look at our two year old little princess and think, “Wow! She was just a baby!” And I know these realizations are just the first of many.

Soon they will both be in school. (And NO I am not going back to an out of the home job! We can talk more about that later…) Soon they will be driving. Soon they will be so independent I won’t even know they are here. Soon they will be gone.

So if you have any desire in your heart at all to stay home with your kids, do it. They are only little once. You can always work. There are many amazing opportunities to work from home if necessary. And if you are really lucky (which I think most of us are) your employer will take you back with open arms if it doesn’t work out. If they won’t? Then you deserve to be somewhere better anyway.

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