You’re more than a number.

In my years of helping others find better health, there are some common themes that I see happen year after year. It’s why diets don’t last and changes are temporary. We aren’t getting to the heart of the matter. We are so hyper focused on what the scale says that we have lost touch with our intuition and how we feel.  When we focus on how we feel and how we react to stress, we can be more motivated to continue positive changes. But the results are a slow and steady process and frankly, we are a society that lost its patience. We want it now and we aren’t willing to do much work to get there.

Let’s chat about beyond the scale mindset.

  • It doesn’t take one bad meal or one skipped workout to gain 20 pounds, just as it won’t take one salad or one workout to lose 20 pounds. We are a product of our cumulative choices. Every choice we make is either moving us in a positive direction or a negative one. We determine which path we stay on every day.


  • Our goals and our timeframes don’t match up leaving our expectations to disappoint us. In a world full of quick fixes, we are hypnotized with the ideas that we can be at our goals in nice little 30/60/90 day frames. It is true that we CAN achieve progress in those time frames but we need to be realistic. If we are expecting to lose 50 pounds in 30 days and it doesn’t happen – we give up. The reality is if the goal and time frame were not accurate to start with.

Let’s get to the heart of the matter.

  • Every BODY is different. We were created to be unique. Individual. Special. We aren’t a one size fits all. Bodies can lose weight quickly. Some bodies lose weight slower. Bodies can’t gain weight. Some bodies can maintain weight with ease. Bodies fluctuate. Women and men differ. Ages differ. You are YOU. Give yourself a little love. Appreciate what your body has done for you in this life. Treat it well so it carries you into the next stages of your life – no matter the number on the scale.


  • We build diets based off restrictive, negative rules. What happens when you tell a child they can’t have something? They want that something and are determined to make sure they get it! I believe the same thing can happen as adults with our diets. When we fall into the “can’t have this, can’t have that” mentality, we are building up negative walls around our choices. I understand there may be certain health conditions that call for a stricter practice and I respect that, but for most people, what if we concentrated on an addition mentality? Add in more water, more nutrition, more movement, a better breakfast, a healthier snack. It could be fun to see how often you add in health!

Get a grip!

  • Stress or emotional eater? First and foremost, I must applaud people who acknowledge and verbalize that they are a stress or emotional eater. It really is a good thing! Because that means you know exactly where you need to focus on your change. It’s not the diet plan you are on or the gym you joined. Even though those are great things, you need to get a grip on your emotions. What if you pause when you feel that stress and emotion and take a breath? Before plunging into a bag of chocolate, you stop, breathe, and decide you are going to make a better choice. You are going to chug some water. Angrily if you have to. You are going to go for a quick five minute power walk. Or go punch something. You are going to lock yourself in your bedroom and listen to a quick meditation. Or cry into your pillow. Guess what? All of those choices are calorie free and don’t sabotage your goals. So it truly does start with acknowledging what you are a stress or emotional eater. Now get a grip and make a different choice in the moment.


  • Focus on how you feel. Remember this is a slow journey and the scale isn’t always the best place to measure progress. How do you feel? Are you happy? Do your clothes fit better? Do you have more energy? Are you more focused? Can you sleep better at night? Is your digestion improving? Give yourself some grace. You are human, lovely, and valuable. And you most certainly are more than a number on the scale.
Tracy believes that when people feel their best they are set up for fulfilling their purpose in life. Revive your life today.