Yes, my friend, you have the power to create change in your life.

I know your days can feel downright out of control sometimes. Like, there is no stopping the mood or irritability that is boiling inside of you. But I also know, that if this impatient momma can take a crappy day and turn it around, you have that power too. It starts with pausing long enough to really understand why you are feeling the way you are feeling.

I know, I know. Who the heck has time to take a pause in this crazy life? I get it. You can barely breathe the way it is. But I’m telling you, it is necessary for you to do in order to fix what the true issue is inside and tap into that power that you truly have. I’ll give you my story.

It was just another Tuesday…

Monday evening, I had spent time putting together a presentation for my team, excited to share everything I had been learning to pull myself out of the fall funk that I had been in. I had a Power Point, bullet points, and oh so much excitement to share not only business stuff with these amazing people, but hopefully real life stuff that they could apply to their lives as well. We were talking about their power within to change too. I was vulnerable sharing my deep seeded goals and weak points. Personal change in 2018 is a huge goal of mine and if I was going to do it, this was the tribe to get me there and keep me accountable. I went to bed happy and ready to conquer errand day with my 5 year old and 2 year old on Tuesday.

Except it wasn’t just another Tuesday…

I was pissed off – at what felt like the world. It was downright embarrassing. My poor kids. By 3:30pm, I had to put myself in a time out. I turned a movie on for them and spent 10 minutes writing out why in the world I felt so irritable. The root? I was worried I wasn’t getting enough of my business taken care of for the day. That even though I plan on Tuesdays being an errand day and I know I won’t have time to work as much, it was the root of why I was going crazy. So I took my own advice from the previous night’s presentation. I turned off all the devices and took the kids outside. I took back the day by choosing a different attitude. By using my God given power within myself to make a change.

You have it too.

Yes, I truly believe we all have amazing power within to change the trajectory of each day. You start by simply deciding that’s now how you want to spend the rest of the day. Then take some time (I’m talking 5-10 minutes here people. Do it while you lock yourself in a bathroom stall if needed), and try to figure out the real root of your mood. It might surprise you but I know you can change it.

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