That nagging thought… Do I have what it takes?

Man, that voice in your head that repeats that doubt over and over again is such a drag, isn’t it? So often I encounter brave people who ask me questions about my business and what it takes to join me. It’s normally followed with comments like, “I could never do what you do” or “You’re so good at this, I couldn’t be like you”. These responses make my heart sink a little bit. While I totally understand that start up fear, deep down, I don’t WANT you to do what I do or be like me. I want you to be like YOU. In my business, there is room for everyone who has passion and desire to truly change their lives. My purpose in all of this is to help YOU be the best version of YOU. I want to help you discover your talents and help you use them to make a business thrive because I know that for those who are truly willing to try, anything is possible.

But you have to be willing to silence the voices.

Business isn’t easy. Any business. Do you have what it takes? I believe you have what it takes but YOU need to believe you have what it takes. You need to work on telling that voice in your head to zip it. I can’t want success for you more than you want it for yourself. It’s easy to come in guns a blazin’ but quickly have that fire extinguished by those first few rejections. Rejection happens. Let’s review…

  • Oprah was fired from her first on screen job.
  • Michael Jordan was cut from his high school basketball team.
  • Steve Jobs was fired from his own company.

The list goes on.

I recently got an email from my friend Val over at Mind Mumbles. Her email was so similar to this very topic. Val works from home. She created her own company (or a couple of them, I lost track because she’s such a rockstar). She homeschools her kids. Writing and speaking are her passions so her work is sought after. Of course, she is “busy” and people ask her how she does it. Her response was spot on. She makes a choice.

Make a choice.

Do you have what it takes to start that business, to quit that job, to get healthier, to have better relationships, to rekindle your faith?? YES! Yes, you do. You need to make a choice. Every moment of every day. Sometimes you need to make that same choice multiple times a day. Days can be long. Rejection can be hard. But how bad do you want it? Make a choice in the tough moments. I want to have peaceful days with my kids. I need to be the adult. Which means, I have to make a choice to calm myself down. I have to take a deep breath and throw another prayer up to the Big Guy upstairs. I need to decide in those stressful, busy, whiny, moments that I can rise up above this and keep the peace.

Let’s just end with this. Yes, you have what it takes. I believe in you. I am cheering you on. Make a choice.