Oh dear friend, please seek your truth.

In a world filled with persuasion, lies, deceit, and negativity if there is one thing I could wish for you the most is that you are constantly seeking out truth. The truth these days can be very one sided depending on which side you are on. (Obviously, right?) You can find an article, a post, and a fact about anything to align it to the side you are most drawn to join.

Case in point. My husband is an extremely analytical guy. My head hurts just watching his brain do what it does best – analyze. The easiest decisions to me might leave him in weeks of back and forth. Often he will ask me what I think and sometimes, I can present facts for either answer. Sometimes either decision is fine for our family. So I will ask him, “Well which side do you want me to persuade you to?” because there is truth on either side. I’m not being deceitful or dishonest with my answers. I’m simply able to present more facts (and leave out others) to help get him to a decision, ahem, quicker.

But not any truth will do.

There’s a good chance you’ve grown up and learned some bad habits along the way. Your self talk was a skill that was never openly talked about or addressed. The voices that rule your mind slowly deteriorated over time to flat out lies. There are days you deceit yourself before you feet hit the floor in the morning. Negative mindset and self talk runs your day and in reality, runs your life. How do you find solid truth about yourself after years of persuasion that you weren’t good enough?

You open your Bible.

Friend, all the truth that you need in your life is right there waiting for you. It’s pages are filled with facts that speak to who you are at the core. About who you are designed to be day to day. About who you are destined to be in this short life. It will tell you —

  • You are enough.
  • You are worthy.
  • You are healed.
  • You are cared for.
  • You are forgiven.
  • You are loved.
  • You are powerful.
  • You have self-control.
  • You have kindness to share.
  • You have patience within you.
  • You are gentle.
  • Your life has love, joy, and peace.

What a list!

What if you took that list and said it to yourself before you went to bed each night? And again the next morning? What if you carried that list with you and snuck away on your morning and afternoon breaks to repeat them over and over again? How would that slowly start changing your life? I believe that it would. I believe that it WILL. This isn’t my list of truths for you. This is God’s list. These are His gifts. If you have Jesus, you have this list. It is YOURS! Embrace it. Use it. Repeat it. Share it!

So friend, SEEK your truth, but more importantly seek HIS truth about you. You are amazing. Remember that.




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