Mommas, listen up.

I get it. We have lots of important work to do. Our lists our long. Energy is lacking. Every time we turn around someone needs attention. There is barely time to catch a break for ourselves. Everything is screaming at us (sometimes quite literally). We feel like we are bombarded by work, to do lists, tasks, and never ending cleaning up. The list goes on.  We crave a pause, recognition, a simple thank you. It all seems like life is coming up short. But the truth?

Yes, the truth.

We have already been assigned the most important work within our own families and neighborhoods. Children who constantly need our attention or fight us? They are the most important work. A spouse who should be able to do so much on their own or can’t understand why you don’t have any energy left for them at night? They are a part of the family too, right? Neighbors and friends who need your help, your prayers, your love? Yep, they are on the list too. Sharing encouragement, uplifting words, assistance, filling gaps for people in their lives, sharing the love of Jesus – that is the most important work.

I think I need to do more…

Sister, I get it. You grew up with hopes and dreams. You know you are meant to do big things in this world! In fact, you are still encouraged to live out your hopes and dream. Don’t get me wrong! I am a HUGE advocate for people fulfilling their passions and living life to their full potential while it is still today. You only get one, short life. Why wouldn’t you do all you can while you can? However, we are so quick to discount the job of parenthood – as if raising human beings isn’t enough on our plates! We are teaching, developing, disciplining, nurturing, loving, nourishing, providing (do I need to keep going?).  Everything has a season. If you are in the parenting trenches right now, you have already been assigned extremely important work within the walls of your home. An opportunity to raise up your children as a great generation of human beings in right in front of you.

Rest easy.

I am going to leave you with this one simple thing. Before you go to bed this evening, pause. Reflect on your day. Do not for one minute think that you left too much undone. I know you did so much today! Bask in the glory of it! And if you feel you came up short on the parenting front? Sneak in those bedrooms for a sleepy bedtime snuggle. Vow to do tomorrow differently. Put all your energy in the day – one day at a time – because that is all we are guaranteed.