Oh sweet girls…

A couple weeks ago, I had some major emotional moments. This mom was down and out in several areas of life. One particular moment had me huddled down in our laundry room, simply letting the tears fall. If your kids are like mine, those alone moments don’t last long. Soon those two little bodies were sneaking their way around the house trying to find me. While I tried not to call too much attention to my tears, the emotion I was feeling was obvious. In that moment of their discovery of me, my kids’ individual consoling methods took shape. My five year old son noticed me, mumbled some things, and slowly backed out of the room. But my girl? My sweet two year old girl? She greeted me with a small voice. “Huggy? Mom? Huggy?” Oh, thank God for girls.

She embraced me.

Yes, this small, precious human didn’t wait for me to answer her huggy request. She read my emotion perfectly and embraced me. She stepped right in and gave me a hug, followed my a kiss, and went on her way. That moment not only stopped my tears but it stopped me in my tracks. A two year old figured out the needs of her mother. Oh sweet girl, don’t lose that amazing people reading ability. Don’t lose that compassion for others. And please don’t certainly lose that instinct to just step in when someone needs you. You are going places, my sweet girl.

It really got me thinking.

This moment in time really got me thinking about female relationships and the importance of them. Growing up, I can’t say that I am very proud of how I handled various situations. Sometimes I was in the wrong and other times I was the one being hurt. All learning experiences and part of growing up, but how I wish I could go back and do some things differently. I would have put so much more value on girlfriends and the fiercely compassionate relationship it can provide in one’s life. I am so grateful I realize that now. Now, I am blessed to be a part of several communities of women that are designed to be supportive and encouraging. We all work to help each other be the best versions of ourselves. We pray for each other and our families. But most of all, we make ourselves be better moms. If we can all be better moms together, I think we can raise a compassionate generation of better kids.

We all have strengths.

One of the issues I had growing up was dealing with jealousy. Fierce jealousy of other girls. My emotions got the best of me when someone was better at something than I was or even if a friend paid attention to someone other than me. Like I said, I’m really not proud of some of those moments. Today I realize that we all have special and unique strengths. Our strengths combined can make us a powerful community. Today I pride myself in recognizing other people’s strengths and cheering them on. Life is so extremely hard. We are all doing our best and it doesn’t hurt to be another cheerleader in the crowd. Someone else’s strength does not belittle mine. I have my own special and unique strengths too. If I thrive in the areas I am good at, that takes nothing away from you and your path. We are all trying to be the best versions of ourselves.

The next generation.

I don’t know about you but I think about the next generation often. About how we are leading by example and currently have within our power to raise some amazing kids. That huggy moment with my sweet two year old girl? That moment right there showed me a few things. First, that she already possesses an amazing ability to read emotion. Second, that her and I can work together to make sure she rises up as an encourager in this world. Lastly, that it’s never too soon to start praying for protection over enemy attacks like jealousy. Those negative emotions are not from God and if I can teach my girl how to combat that earlier in life than I did? Well, who knows the lives she can change and impact in the future. I can’t wait to see it play out but until then I’ll gladly accept a sweet little embrace when momma needs it most.





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