The constant cycle of worry.

Do you find yourself almost in a perpetual state of worry? Rest assured, you are not alone. Most conversations I have with moms are centered around some sort of worry. It’s a real thing and a vicious cycle. We are responsible for not only ourselves but for an entire household of people. If something falls through the cracks we are the ones who are usually left with picking up the slack or feel like it was somehow our fault. The truth is if we want the worry to be reduced in our lives, we have to be the change.

Ugh, I hate when you say that…

I know! I say it with so many aspects of life. If we want to be the change, we have to make the change. It comes from within. We have to change something about our every day, if we want our every day to change. For me personally, I had and still have a LIST of things I want to improve! I love looking back to see how far I have come and sharing those nuggets of wisdom with others. You never know when your story can impact someone else’s life! It might not be for everyone but what if it is for one other? Don’t hesitate to share!

How to let go of worry…

So you might be thinking, ok, how do I really let go of worry in my life? This world is SCARY! How can I not worry about myself or my family? Where would I even start? First of all sister, slow down. Remember? You are not alone. Most groups of moms together will center conversations on worry. Let’s work through this together. And really, you are going to need to slow down and get mindful here.

  1. Notice when you SAY the word ‘worry’. Yes. Simply start being aware of when you say it, why you say it, how often you say it. You have nothing more to do in this step other than increase your awareness to the use of the word. Do NOT and I repeat do NOT feel an ounce of guilt when you catch yourself saying it. Simply become aware of your usage. Nothing more and nothing less.
  2. When you catch yourself saying it pause and ask yourself, “Will worrying about this change the result?” One example in my life was worrying about my sales goals for business. I wanted to grow SO BAD that I would be up at 2am every night worrying. This went on for months. But the truth of the matter is, worrying about my sales goals didn’t change my sales goals. It didn’t increase them or move me forward. It kept me stuck. Heck, it even moved me backwards at times because I was pouring so much negative energy into worrying that I didn’t use my time wisely. Now, specific to my business goals, if I find the word ‘worry’ creeping in I swap it with ‘working’. I need to be working, not worrying!
  3. Focus on today ONLY. Did you know that you have the same amount of hours in a day as Jesus did? He even KNEW what His fate was but what did He do? He focused on each day individually- the miracles, the moments, the preaching, the healing – just for that day.

Redirect your energy!

Humor me here. What if just for the next 24 hours you take the energy that you put into worrying about something and shift it? You recognize one area of your life where you are constantly worrying, you pause, and you make a choice to do something different about it. Maybe you choose to let it go? Maybe you choose to work instead of worry? Or maybe you choose to pause and pray about the situation? Whatever that looks like for you, I encourage you to try it.

I don’t know about you but I would rather my days be filled with positive energy that moves my life in healthier directions than feeling like I am constantly weighed down by stress and worry. Again, it’s a choice, and it starts within yourself. Share with me! Is there something you’ve change in your life to reduce stress? I’d love to hear it! Most of all, I know you can do it! You were born with power, love and self-control. I pray you use them!