What if it works?

Yes, my friend, what if it works? That thing that you constantly are thinking about doing. That change you want to make in your life but your mind is filled with those “what if” scenarios that always lead to gloom and doom? Yes, that thing. That burning desire in your heart. What if you take the leap … and you succeed?

What if you…

Start that meal plan and you find out you love it?

Start that morning routine and it changes your day?

Quit that job before you a ready and it opens up new opportunity?

Start that business and you meet your goals?

Attempt to repair a relationship and the other person does too?

Say yes to that ‘thing’ burning in your heart and it flourishes?

Change your what if.

Action is required for change. Change comes from within and changing how you end your what if statement could be your ticket to action. Your ticket to courage. Your ticket to a happier life. It is right there waiting for you. It is right there in front of you. All you have to do is stop the hamster wheel of gloom and doom scenarios and go for it. Guess what? You might not get the result you want. You might end up with something better.

That’s right – something better. Something you never dreamed about or thought about. A scenario that never in a million years you thought would be your life. God does that. He takes the burning desires in our hearts and with our action, he brings them to life. To fruitful, beautiful life! Most times the results are never what we expect. But they always turn out being something so much greater than we could ever imagine. That’s how God works. It’s how we show our trust in Him. It’s why we have hope in our hearts that turns into blind faith. Because His promises are great and He provides. You just need to change your what if.