Be Careful what you pray for.

Today I was reading Day 31 from Draw the Circle during my morning quiet time. It was a reminder to specifically spell out what you want when you pray. So often we throw prayers up to the heavens with vague requests. We are hurried, stressed, and hoping for the best. Even though God knows our every thought and desire, He wants to make sure we know. Do we really know what we want from our prayers?

God has a sense of a humor.

This morning I dug deep. I thought about those burning desires in my heart and wrote them out more specifically. My list kept growing. I kept writing and gained clarity about what I really wanted those answered prayers to look like. Towards the end of the list, I asked for growth opportunities. For God to send me frustration. Yep, I was calling it out. I want to grow in my mindset and I can only do that if I take challenges head on. So I put it out there. Specifically. Let’s just say it didn’t take God long to answer that one.

School day mornings are a challenge at our house. Anyone else? Ok, whew I’m not alone. Alright, group hug, Moms and Dads! Deep breath. Let’s get through this together! It wasn’t long after my oldest child was ready for school (40 minutes earlier than necessary) when God decided to throw growth opportunity one at me for the day. It was a pretty normal parenting struggle, one that would have normally brought out some ugly in me. But at some point during the power struggle, I looked up. I smiled and said, “Well, played God.”

I knew I needed to change the moment in front of me. Growth number one had to come from parenting. It had to come from how I handled emotional situations in our home. It was about being a better mom. I left the house feeling like I conquered it. We all got out the door relatively tear free, I wasn’t a raving lunatic, and to top it off I was even showered! Victory was mine!

It wasn’t the growth I expected.

When I asked for growth opportunities, my mind was focused on my business. I wanted to be challenged and pushed as a leader. I wanted something to come out randomly that propelled my business forward. Growth in parenting? Is there such a thing? I thought it was all just survival mode. But the conflict with my child today was really what I needed to better myself as a mom. When I better myself as a mom, it betters me as a leader in our home. I think the real victory was in recognizing how quickly God answered a specific prayer. I could have let that moment be just like the old moments – stressful and emotional. Not fun for anyone.

Be careful what you pray for. God will answer you in some shape or form. He might just throw a little twist in it along the way.