The reason for the season.

Year after year, we see a social media crusade around Christmastime to remind us the real reason for the season. Christmas shouldn’t be filled with material goods, Santa Claus, or frivolous parties. The reason is the birth of our Savior. We need to stay focused on what is important so we are setting the right example. We need our kids to know the story of Christmas, to do charitable works, and to make memories versus focus on material goods.

But friends, we missed it hard core this Easter season.

Do we remember the real reason for the season this time of year? It’s not about the Easter bunny, egg hunts, or candy. Easter baskets are getting more and more stuffed full of material goods we don’t need and our children have no idea why we celebrate Easter. Little mention of our Lord surfaces.

I get it. The Christmas Story is an easier story to tell. It’s about a chubby little baby being born in a manger. It’s about starry nights, swaddle cloths, and gifts for a King. The Easter Story? It’s gruesome. It’s complicated. We have to go through some dark days to get to Resurrection Sunday. How in the world do you go about attempting to explain all of this complexity to children when you barely understand it all yourself? Trust me. I get it.

It starts with our own journey.

Getting in the Easter spirit takes work on ourselves first. The closer we get to Jesus on our own personal journey, the more meaning the Easter season brings to us. How do I know this? I’m living proof. I grew up like most of you. Going to church was part of the drill. It was routine. It was mandatory. As I left home and went out on my own, I had to go through my own spiritual journey. It wasn’t until my oldest was two when things really start falling into place. So if you do the math, that took over a decade to figure out I needed a spiritual revival.

Learning to appreciate the Easter season for the true beauty of what it is didn’t happen overnight. My heart needed to be reworked. I had to start fresh with my relationship with Jesus and the belief that I was truly forgiven. I had to learn to lean into God’s Word daily to get the truth and inspiration that my soul needed. Over time, I absolutely proclaimed that Jesus was the Reason for the Season every Christmas time. But this year? My heart belongs to Easter. We are all standing here saved because of Easter. The Story needs to be shared.

Beauty through the pain.

Like I said before, I get it. The Easter Story is hard to tell. It isn’t glamorous. It’s painful but through all that excruciating pain is extreme beauty. Through the darkest moments of time comes the most joyful and bright times. It’s a reminder for us that good can rise from ashes. Pain can be healed. No matter how broken and defeated we are right now, we can be revived. We are forgiven and loved. The ultimate sacrifice for us was provided through the miracle of Easter. Every Easter we are given a new opportunity, a fresh start, and a chance to truly live again.

Our world is a scary place. We desperately need hope and joy. Now more than ever we need the promise of Easter. We need to know that no matter how painful things can get or how broken things feel that there is a promise of light and resurrection waiting around the corner. We need bold reminders of the reason for this season. The celebration of Jesus’s life doesn’t solely fall on Christmas. He made the ultimate sacrifice so we could truly live. He was the perfect example of obedience to God’s Word even with a death sentence. Why? Because He trusted and believed in His Father’s plan. In the greater good of the world. He is alive and risen. And it’s no accident. We are the reason for this season.