Today I slept in.

I didn’t even bother setting my alarm clock. I intentionally opted for sleep. The alarm normally rings at 5:15am and I choose to spring into action (ok, most days my spring is more of a slow bounce but you get the point). Why do I do this to myself? Because I have learned I need a good hour buffer of time to wake up before my children grace me with their presence. Technically, it’s my only alone time all day. From 5:15am to 6:15am is the only time within a 24 hour period that I can sit in a chair, read a book, and have complete silence. Isn’t that crazy to think about? Twenty four hours in a day and I have to fight for one? But, I chose to take this time for myself. For my sanity, my space, and my spirit. It’s totally worth it.

But sometimes…. just sometimes, I need sleep. I need to silence the noise in my life that says, “Get up. Do more. Get going. Be the best you. Be a high achiever. Crush the day. Do it better. Go, go go!” Do you hear that voice sometimes? If you are into the world of personal development at all, you can read book after book, listen to podcast after podcast, and read article after article that floods your mind with tips and ways to be the best version of you. And guess what? It’s all good and noble stuff.

But my advice that will make you better?

Shut down the noise. Don’t be afraid to sleep in one day here and there. Take control of your calendar so it doesn’t control you. Say no to things that don’t feed your soul. Get intentional with your time. Time is our most precious commodity. We all get the same amount and how we choose to use it paves our path in life. Read the books and listen to the podcasts but attach ZERO guilt if you don’t follow them 100%, all the time. Only you can know what you need in your life. Own that. You be you. That’s the best service you can give yourself. Being true to what fuels your fire. It’s not going to always look exactly like everyone else. And that my friend, is the most beautiful thing.