I miss my mom.

There isn’t a day goes by that I don’t think of my mom. You’d think that I wished she was here to watch her grandchildren grow but that’s not it. Because she was gone before they were born, they don’t know any different and neither do I. While I know she would have loved on them more than anyone could imagine, they’ve grown up knowing their Grandma Sue is in heaven with Jesus. I talk about death bluntly with a matter-of-fact attitude. My five-year-old is too smart to try it any other way. All creation lives and all creation dies. To me there is no other way to explain it.

Powerful lessons.

Even though my mom never got to see me be a mom, boy oh boy, let me tell you, there are moments in my life where I can feel her presence. I can feel the lessons that she was trying to teach me when I was a snotty teenager. I am thrown back into a moment when she said, “Someday you’ll understand.” and wow I certainly do. Why? Because there is power in a mom. There was and still is power in my mom.

Moms work tirelessly to make sure you can have it all. She doesn’t work tirelessly so she can have it all, she works tirelessly so you can have it all.

Moms give up their social life, their bodies, their relationships, their health, their well-being, and their sanity. And then one day they realize that they have to do something fast to get any of those things back because one day you’ll be gone.

Moms hope and pray you don’t make the same mistakes that they did (but know that you will). They pray over all of your fears, insecurities, and doubts just wishing that your path will be a tad easier than theirs.

Not all moms are created equal.

I can honestly sit here and say I was one of the lucky ones. My mom did everything she could for me. She even still loved me through the shit-tastic teenage years. (Seriously, if you are a teenager right now, please be nice to your mom. She loves and cares for you more than you will ever know. And I can guarantee whatever “secret trouble” you are getting into she’s been there, she’s probably done worse than you, and she knows it’s not a secret. Don’t wait until it’s too late to know the power of your mom.)

But not all moms are created equal. Some moms still struggle with their own emotional and physical battles long after their kids are grown. Some moms lose their identity after the kids leave the house. And some don’t know how to handle a relationship with their adult children. No matter the age. Being a mom is hard.

So as we go into the weekend this Mother’s Day, know that there are people missing their moms, wishing their moms were healthy, or celebrating joyfully along side of them. We are all different. That’s ok. We are all still powerful in our own way.

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