Open Your Bible

Is there something in your life that just feels off? You are woman of faith but you battle the rough waters of your day to day life. Your emotional health feels like it’s always in a slight decline. You are forever in “one step forward, and two steps back” mode. It feels like you just can’t get ahead. My friend, you are not alone. A few years ago, I was in that very same place. The place where everything felt off and thankfully I had a friend who kept encouraging me to look into a bible study.

I was reluctant to say the least. She forwarded me email after email with the next online opportunity to join. Always gently encouraging me to at least look into it. I brushed over them. I had never done a bible study. Ever. Or even really knew what they were. I didn’t even have a bible! Well, unless you count the Precious Moments mini, pink one I had from my childhood but that didn’t feel “bible study worthy”. Eventually, an online study about the book of Esther caught my eye. I downloaded the Bible app on my phone and gave it a try.

It changed everything.

So my friend, I can’t help but share with you my tips to make this Bible thing a bit easier for you. Because if you are a woman who is running ragged, I want to encourage you to try. Maybe I can be that friend who keeps nudging you. Maybe you can be the one who changes her life.

My Encouragement to You

  1. You don’t need anything fancy. I bought a Bible off of Amazon when using the app on my phone felt like it wasn’t enough anymore. The New Living Translation version is easy to read. I now have two bibles but this is the one I encourage people to start with because it’s fun. Don’t let the suggestions of highlighters, chapter tabs, and lists of studies overwhelm you. You don’t need fancy tools. You need a Bible.
  2. Get in a routine. I know, I know. You are busy! We all are, sister. But your emotional health depends on this right now. Get up, 15 minutes earlier every day, and dedicate 10 of them to God. Set an appointment with Him and do not break it. You might not understand this right away but trust me, it matters once you really get going. Get up, open your Bible
  3. Let go of perfectionism. Life is messy, right? I believe your Bible and your routine should be too. That Bible is God’s living word. It will speak to you. Grab a pen and make notes. Underline, star, highlight, date. God is speaking to you in those pages. Every morning something new will hit your heart right where it needs it most so don’t think every day is going to be the same. Miss a day? So what. Get back into it when you can.
  4. Start alone, online or with a group. If you have never done an official study before it can be overwhelming to even know where to begin. I chose to start alone. I eventually moved into online studies. Then a local group of women started meeting to do studies that has been a huge blessing. Don’t worry if you don’t have a group of women around you today to do studies with yet. You just need to start.
  5. Keep showing up. Friend, this is about to change your life. It’s not going to be perfect. It’s going to be worth it. Just start. Open your Bible.

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