Sometimes, God just doesn’t make sense.

Tragic, sudden loss. An unexplainable diagnosis. Division among life long friends. Heartbreak that changes people. Grief that suffocates. Unmeasurable pain. Things that make us stop in our tracks and question God hard. Why them? Why us? How could you do this, God? This doesn’t make any sense. YOU don’t make any sense! Why is this happening? What are we supposed to do now? The questions of heart ache and confusion go on and on.

I wish grief was summed up in a nice little flow chart. But grief is fickle and complicated. There isn’t a nice order of progression. There is no predictability. You can bounce around stages. You can stay in one stage for life or skip some completely. Some moments won’t trigger pain like you expect. Some moments will shatter your heart into more broken pieces. And it doesn’t make sense. Grief and God are companions like this. We aren’t meant to understand it fully but rather lean into it and embrace it.

When all else fails, stand on truth.

When God doesn’t make sense sometimes there is only one thing we can do. We have to stand firm on the truth, the living truth, right from His word. And sometimes, that truth is hard to believe. It hurts to hear it! We are sent into questioning mode when tragedy strikes even as believers. But deep down, when all else fails, we have these truths.

  • God doesn’t make mistakes. He is perfect.
  • Everything is perfect in his timing.
  • We aren’t meant to understand because His thoughts and ways are higher than our thoughts and ways.
  • We are meant to turn towards Him and rely solely on Him for comfort and peace.
  • He brings light to the broken places.
  • We cannot rely on our own intelligence but trust in Him with all our heart.
  • We cannot live in fear.

Are there any truths that you have stood on during tough times? What has helped you get through a dark moment?