Oh, the disobedient child…

Kids who don’t listen. The child who won’t take direction. Growing little humans who are set in their ways. Flat out being disobedient. Isn’t it exhausting?! I know there are times I want to give up. Throw in the towel. Call it a day. I can’t handle the fighting, the bargaining, the constant struggle. But I’m their momma, their teacher, and their guide. If I give up on them, what does that teach them?

As a child of God, how obedient are you? Sheesh. I am the most disobedient child I know. I don’t listen or always take His direction. Still growing into who I was designed to be but am set in my ways. I am sometimes flat out disobedient. I’m sure I make God tired too.

What if God gave up on us?

Isn’t it good, good news that He will never give up on us? He’s our Father, our teacher, and our guide. If He gave up on us, what would that teach us? He stands firm through all of our disobedience and through all of our humanly error. This encourages me in two ways. First, as a parent! I am so grateful for the example he sets for us. To continue to be (extremely) patient yet firm in discipline. Allow your child to work out their growth within safe boundaries, to make mistakes, to falter but to come back to a loving and understanding parent.

This also encourages me as His child. Wow, I am so thankful he keeps forgiving me for my disobedience! His love is unconditional. His guidance to His better ways is never ending. He is never exhausted. What a beautiful encouragement. We can keep striving to be better knowing that He will always be there for us. Even when we make a mistake, when we go our own way, when we are disobedient.