You guys!! I started a podcast! I love listening to podcasts. It’s such a great way to learn, get motivated, and more! But…. sometimes they are way too long! I get so disheartened when I see my favorite podcasters and their episodes are over 45 minutes long. With two little kids and no commute – I know it might take me all week to listen in several chunks of time. Sometimes we need a burst in FIVE minutes. That’s what I am hoping #ReviveInFive will be for you. Five minutes of exactly what your heart needs.

Right now, the first three episodes are ready for you! Would you do me a favor? Listen and share it with your friends! The more people we can impact with this message the better. New episodes will be available on SoundCloud every Friday. You can also come back here to get updates as well. I appreciate all of you. Readers, listeners, sharers – you are all very special and important! I am here cheering you on and am grateful for each of you.

More to come!