Most days I do it scared.

I love our life. I really do. We have a great home, community, family, friends, health – the list goes on. God knows what he is doing. I also have a burning desire to push myself for more. To stretch our potential. To be bold and brave. Get out there and see what kind of impact we can make in the world. But truth be told, most days, I do it scared.

Almost everything I do on a daily basis, I do it scared. I have to push myself to follow through with the action ahead of me. Why do I push myself? Because I want the result on the other side. I make the reward bigger than the fear. If I don’t push myself, I stay stuck. And let me tell you, there is nothing worse than feeling perpetually stuck. I can say that with confidence because I’ve felt stuck for too long in various aspects of life. And when you’re “stuck” in multiple aspects at the same time, it can bring you through an emotional ringer. You are clawing your way back out and it’s hard. It’s no fun for anyone involved.

I know we’ve all heard how social media is a big fat highlight reel. Everyone is only posting their good moments vs the grind. No parent is perfect. Kids aren’t always happy and put together. Workouts and healthy meals aren’t always easy. Married couples maybe don’t go on as many dates as they should. Business isn’t always booming. Are you following me with this? We ALL struggle. LIFE is a struggle bus and we are ALL passengers. We also all have a choice on how we ride the bus.

Do the hard things.

We can choose to see the glory in this life and choose to do the hard things. Let’s see the potential within ourselves and our family and know we can do more. We can feel fear and do it anyway. That doesn’t mean we aren’t content. I’m extremely content with my life. If it were all over today, I can look down from the heavens and know I did my best. That’s all this about. Doing our best and encouraging others to do the same. We aren’t perfect. It won’t be easy. And you might have to do it scared.