Do you wish you could eat healthier?

Today I wanted to simply share some encouragement and ways you can truly eat healthier every day. Our food is designed to FUEL our bodies; not just fill our bodies. When I learned that and really started to appreciate it, I found eating healthier became easier and easier. Now, truth be told, I also LOVE all kinds of junk food, beer, and other goodies. So don’t be alarmed. I am qualified to help you eat healthier. I’m also qualified to help you enjoy food in ways that are best for you. It’s a win-win in my book.

Here are my 3 easy tips for eating healthier.

  1. When you are beginning, don’t try to restrict it all. Restrictions work for some people. And it doesn’t work for others (me). When I am told I need to restrict too many things, I simply want them more. Pick one thing that you can eliminate and go from there. For me, it was soda. It took a long time because my habit was deep, but now I can’t tell you the last time I’ve had a pop. It’s been years and my body thanks me.
  2. Try adding in nutrition throughout your day. When you have a sandwich for lunch, could you have carrot sticks vs chips? For breakfast, could you try a protein dense meal vs empty carbs like bagels? Pick one area and go with it!
  3. If you are new to label reading, here is the ONE thing to look for: the word ARTIFICIAL. There are so many hidden artificial things in our foods but if the label calls it out specifically, it’s not worth consuming. It’s a great way to get used to label reading and paying attention to your food.

What are some tips you have learned along the way?