Have you ever felt lost?

I’m not talking about needing directions because Siri sent you down the wrong road. I’m referring to that feeling in the pit of your heart that is silently crying out, “Help me! How did I get so far off the path? Why am I just going through the motions?” I think we can all agree that life moves at lightning speed. Everyone around me needs a break. But not just a vacation from work or a day off to tackle that to do list at home. We need a genuine break – a pause in life that allows us to catch our breath.  That kind of break often scares people. Deep down they know that one little pause in life isn’t going to fill their spirits up completely. We are depleted in every way of this world – spiritually, physically, mentally and emotionally. If we slow down for even one minute; the thought of where to begin overwhelms us. We are just too lost.

So we keep going.

I’ve been there. Heck, I’m still there. But someone quite special has been waiting for me to take these pauses and revive my self wholly. God heard my cries of my heart’s desires after my mom passed away, after I became a stay at home mom, and after I chose to take the leap in my business. He was there rescuing me through it all. Sometimes it felt He was more present than other times. But His longing for me to turn to Him for guidance never wavered. I believe He answers our prayers more often and more loudly than we realize. We just don’t always like the answers so we ignore Him. And we are certainly too dang busy to pause and listen. So again, we just keep going.

He wants to rescue you.

No matter how broken you are or how busy you’ve allowed your life to get; He’s there waiting to rescue you from that lost feeling. He did not intend for us to go through our entire lives with a knot of yearning inside. He wants us to act and He wants us to move towards freedom. But most of all, He wants us to rely on Him for direction. It’s a journey. All of it. This whole thing we are doing every day. It’s one big lesson. The only final destination that’s guaranteed is our place in eternity. Until then, why not lean in, make time to pause, and work on those burning desires in your heart?