I’m going to be real honest here. I know you’d expect nothing else. But I was scared to let my daughter love princess stuff. Modern parenting and modern feminism (or rather perceived modern parenting and feminism) wants us to raise daughters that don’t act like princesses. Daughters who can stand up for themselves. We need to make it very clear to them that they do not need to rely on a man to take care of them. How dare we let them be a princess? That was pressure I started putting on myself as a girl mom.

For dumb.

My daughter is in love with princesses. She loves dressing up. She loves singing songs and dancing around. And, gulp, she even loves the kissing. But here’s the deal. Have you ever really watched a Disney movie? I mean, really. Those leading ladies can kick some ass. Let’s break it down.

Rapunzel sticks up to her mother to chase her dream. She defends herself. She inspires a crowd of ruffians to soften up and remember their dreams. Rapunzel fights for truth. And yes, she falls in love.

Tiana is a hard working, visionary. She makes choices in her life to forgo fun because she has her sights set on the big picture. She has an amazing friendship with Charlotte which is proven at the end when Charlotte is willing to give up her dream to help Tiana. And yes, Tiana falls in love.

Jasmine sticks up to her father when she disagrees with the royal law. She leaves the palace on her own because she wanted to see the outside world. Leaving taught her lessons. And yes, she falls in love too.

Falling in love doesn’t make these women weak.

I grew up pretending I was Belle. I had a hand me down yellow dress and I remember dancing around our basement singing songs and dancing just like my daughter does today. Heck, I probably teared up when the last flower petal fell. And guess what?

I didn’t turn out helpless. I didn’t grow up with some crazy notion that I needed a man to take care of me in order to survive. And yes, I fell in love.

Ask any married woman today and I bet they would tell you they appreciate romance in their lives. That chivalry makes their heart melt and having their husband take care of certain things is appreciated. There’s nothing wrong with a little romance.

Knowing my daughter, she will end up being like Moana, or Elsa, or Merida – extremely tough, determined, and fierce. But I hope she experiences the other side too. I hope she falls in love. So for today; I let her be a princess.