Introducing Magic Applesauce

Our kids are going to get sick in the winter. Well, any time really. Their little bodies work so hard every day and let’s face it, kids don’t always have the best eating habits. They are like little sugar gremlins that you can’t control. The struggle is real even when you try really hard. They aren’t going to get all of the nutrition they need and that’s ok! There are amazing supplements children can take to help their bodies naturally.

They especially will be lacking immune boosting nutrients in certain seasons. Once school hits, it’s like BAM! Instant storm of depleted little bodies. If you want to watch the full immune boosting video you can check it out here.

Give me the quick magic!

While there is a full regimen you can use to help your kids have a health foundation, every now and then you need extra immune boosting power. We turn to “Magic Applesauce.” With herbal fighters like elderberry, zinc, and Echinacea a boost of this little cocktail at the first sight of illness can really help your child. They can either avoid a cold OR shorten the length of a cold. Normally for us, it shortens colds dramatically, helps with nighttime coughing, and dries up runny noses.

Here is my recipe and instructions.

5 Defend and Resist tablets (contains elderberry, zinc, and Echinacea)
4 Alfalfa tablets (natural anti-histamine)
Squirt of Local Honey
Cup of Unsweetened Applesauce
For an extra boost add some vitamin C (Not pictured)

Crush D&R and Alfalfa tablets until they are a fine powder.
Put in bottom of a bowl.
Add applesauce on top
Top with squirt of honey.

Have your kids WATCH the magic of their applesauce turning purple! When you are crazy excited about it, make it fun, they are more likely to try it. Don’t give up. My son will gobble this down instantly. My daughter takes a little coaxing. Once you experience it working, you’ll have these items in your cabinet year round for relief.

Watch the magic!

Ready to get started?

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