Easter is over. He is risen. It is finished.

We’ve spent the last 40 days reflecting on the life and death of Jesus. So now what?

Now it’s time for your story to start. If we truly did the work these past 40 days, work on our hearts and souls, then our burdens died at that cross. We shed guilt. We picked up truth. We discarded shame and we picked up grace.⁣ It’s time to stop talking about being saved and forgiven and start acting like we are saved and forgiven. God is running this race of life along side of us and ahead of us. He’s not lurking in the past. Everything we are going to encounter, He has already been there. We will never fully understand why some of the bad things happen in our lives. Even Jesus asked if the plans God had for Him could be avoided. All God wants is for us to keep turning to him through it all. We learn our deepest life lessons through the bad times, not the good ones. Good moments don’t teach us much. Bad moments are a wealth of lessons if we choose to see them that way.

It’s your time. 

Friend, I truly believe that this is the moment you’ve been waiting for to put something in your life into action. It looks different for all of us. It’s supposed to look different for all of us. So today I ask you, what’s that one thing in your life that keeps burdening you?  The thing that pops into your head just when you thought you were over it. That thing that pains your heart just when you thought you have moved on. Are you willing to trust that Christ truly died for your burdens and finally release that pain? 

a shared lesson

I want to share the main lesson I personally went through these past 40 days. Ugh, it wasn’t pretty. Over and over again, the idea of decreasing myself was whispered on my heart. It was a theme the entire Lenten season, which I should have seen coming after my hissy fit with God in my kitchen before Ash Wednesday.

He must increase. I must decrease. John 3:30

But God… I already feel like I’m at the bottom of the totem pole around here. I spend my days taking orders from a 3 year old and spend the morning and evenings fighting with the 6 year old. Those two sweet little cherubs alone wear me down. 

But God… I do “everything” around this house. I’m sick of picking up after everyone. I’m sick of serving everyone without thanks.  I’m sick of my husband sitting on the couch with his phone when there’s a pile of things to be picked up. I’m done. I’m over it.

But God… I don’t know how my friendships got so lost. How did I end up feeling like I’m all alone? What am I doing wrong?

But God… I don’t see the light at the end of the tunnel with my business. I don’t see your plan, your abundance, your riches. Where did it go? Why did I lose sight of it? What am I even doing anymore?

The “But God” list went on. 

And, in true, Heavenly Father fashion, the reply wasn’t what I thought it would be. The answer was that I had to keep decreasing, in every situation, which feels impossible when you are burnt out and weary! The last thing you want to do in those moments is to give up whatever ground you feel that you have. But, like you my friends, I’m done talking about being saved and forgiven, and want to act like I am saved and forgiven. Life has to be less about me and more about living like Christ. Jesus knew he was going to be betrayed. He loved anyway. Jesus knew people were going to turn on him. He served anyway. 

Your story is ready to begin.