I stumbled on this amazing, morning goodness by accident. There was some leftover coffee in our coffee pot and I didn’t want to throw it away so I decided to put a little at the bottom of my blender cup, add ice, chocolate protein shake, and BAM! A new breakfast obsession was born. If you are busy and rushed in the mornings, I highly recommend giving this a try. It mixes two delicious morning necessities into one : high power protein breakfast AND coffee. It’s a win win. Of course, my kiddos loved it too so I needed to start making a decaf version but a little variety is good for us all. Here’s how to make it. 


Blend and enjoy! 

This protein has been my morning shake for almost SEVEN years! I never thought I’d be a shake person. I thought they were a joke. But after I had my first child and the MADNESS of getting out the door in the morning started, I knew I had to make a change. My wheat bagel with peanut butter was not keeping me full or giving me any energy. I’d be hungry and tired by the time I got to work. 

Protein not only helps keep us full longer but it provides our bodies with essential building blocks it needs to function each day. Are you getting enough? How much is too much? Read on here. 



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