To the friend who needs a prayer today.

O Lord, protect my friends from enemy attacks of their minds and spirits. Fill their hearts with the fruits of the Holy Spirit today. Full of love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control. Energize their bodies. Fill them with your abundance. You are so good. You created all of these women in your perfect image. I pray they rise up over their circumstance today. That their grief – for today – feels lighter. That their sorrow is turned into joy. That they feel the peace that only you can provide.

O Lord, meet each woman reading this today exactly where they are at in life. In each affliction and in each joyful moment, I pray they feel you with them. Specifically protect their minds. Stand in the gap where they are weak – you are strong. Be their strength when they can no longer go on. Be their light when they feel dark and broken. Shine through the broken and hurt places. Cover them with your care. Cover them with your grace. Cover them with your mercy. Remind them of the abundance that you have already provided.

Remind these women, O Lord, that they are holy and royal. You chose them. You love them. You cherish them. Just for today pour down your heavenly provision in every area needed. Remind these women who they are and whose they are. Fill them up with holy confidence. Help them break any generational bondage and sin that they inherited and help provide a new way for our sons and daughters. Protect our children in these same ways. Even the youngest – cover them in your care.

Just for today – pour it all down. Let them feel you today and show them their next steps, O Lord. Human ways want the whole plan now when all you can provide is the step for today. Help them breathe again and rest in this promise. Give them moments to pause and reflect. Help them to realign if we step off your path.  

Thank you, O Lord for your forgiveness. Thank you for your gentle correction. Thank you for your unconditional love. We are all so lucky and blessed to be your children. To be called for your purpose. Thank you, O Lord. For everything. Amen


Repeat prayer daily.