I’m currently sitting in one of my favorite coffee shops while my daughter is at nursery school. It’s cold and rainy for the 4th day in a row? 5th? Doesn’t matter. Once that sunshine starts to slip away for the season so does any potential energy the summer had given us.

Right now my feed is filled with “the last 90 days” and all the tips and tricks on how you can end the year strong. Visualize it. How do you want to set up your 2020? You better start now. Habits matter. Be the energy. Show up. Hustle.

But what if you’re tired?

I’m not talking physically tired, but odds are you might be physically tired too. I’m talking emotionally tired. You are mentally tired. You are spiritually tired. Then what? How do you pour it on the last 90 days and end with a bang? Well, friends, I’m not sure I know yet.

But I do know this. When I visualize my 2020, it’s filled with flow not hustle. It’s filled with rest. It’s filled with intention, peace, and receiving. No more chasing. No more pushing. It’s filled with dedicated work that fills me with joy and love. Because by now I know that when I am filled with joy and love it overflows to everyone around me. I’ve gone down the path of giving too much with no replenishment. It’s an ugly place to be.

So as you enter the last 90 days of the year, I want to encourage you to really step back and analyze your life. Are you building a life that gives you the feelings that you want every day? Or are you committed to the grind because that’s the popular path? Visualize how you want to feel when the clock strikes 2020 and then start saying no to anything that doesn’t align with that. You can do it. You have 90 days to create it.