Meet tracy…

My 20s were a hard time. When I was 24, I tragically lost my mom. My hubby and I had only been married two months at the time. To top it off, I was at a job I didn’t love, my health was declining due to stress, and it was just a really hard season of life. Deep down, I knew I had more to offer the world but I didn’t know how to take that scary leap into the unknown. I had the mentality about my job that it was “good enough” but it no longer excited me, challenged me, or motivated me. 

something had to change…

Don’t get me wrong. My job was stable, it had great benefits and I was could adapt to whatever was thrown my way. I learned SO MUCH there and am forever grateful. But that feeling deep down that I was meant to do more wouldn’t go away. If I ever got bored, the realization that I hated it surfaced and I needed a new change so they would give me a new project. I kept using that Band Aid for nine years. 

By the time I was pregnant with our oldest and we were getting ready to have a family, personally I was at rock bottom when it came to my health and career. I’d come home and “job search” but wanted to find something I would love! I didn’t want to take something else just for the sake of taking something else. I wanted a career that would give me freedom to be my own boss, something that was always challenging me, and frankly, something that was FUN! 

So I started making jewelry and selling it on Etsy! It was fun. I controlled when I worked, how much I worked, and how often I worked.  I managed busy seasons, learned billing/invoicing/all that business stuff, and practiced customer care. I thought, yes! This is it! 

Until I did the math to figure out how much I’d have to sell to replace my income and realized it would be VIRTUALLY IMPOSSIBLE!

What was I going to do…

Selling jewelry wasn’t going to be the ticket to get me out of my job. I had a baby on the way and health that wasn’t the best. I felt stuck! I didn’t think I could make any drastic changes in our lives until after the baby came. So I let it go and decided stay at my job even though deep down, I knew I wasn’t meant to be there.

Also, being pregnant meant I was on the search for a non-toxic cleaning product. I couldn’t breathe while cleaning my house and there was no way that was good for me or the baby. I would go up and down the aisles at the stores looking for a “green cleaner” but was always disppointed. 

Then I met someone who shared Shaklee with me. Little did I know, my green cleaning product search would be the change our entire lives needed.

 After I learned more about all of Shaklee, I jumped in with a business kit becasue I thought why not? The worst case scenario would be that I’d use these products and that was that. It’s not like I was going to get fired if I didn’t DO anything. But soon, my HEALTH would dramatically change. I switched to Shaklee Vitalizer as a prenatal and within two weeks, I had so much more energy, my brain fog lifted, and my digestion improved. I was hooked.

I started talking about Basic H, Scour Off and Vitalizer with everyone I knew. I started “working” the business but then our son was born. And my Shaklee business went on hold.


My heart was at home…


I went back to work. I even changed positions while I was there to try and feel more content. But the truth of the matter was, my heart was at home. I didn't have a side gig making me money at the time but I knew I couldn't stay at a job I didn't love while my baby grew up. I had to make a change. 

So we made the decision for me to start staying home. Our son was 9 months old at the time. He's now 6 and we have a three year old daughter. I wouldn't trade this time for anything. I'd make the same decison all over again. 

But soon after staying home about a year, something was missing. I was going CRAZY at home with my little guy. I LOVED the flexibility being at home gave our family but my BRAIN needed more. Plus, I walked away from a corporate income of nine years. I missed making money. Even just $1,000 a month would make a huge impact on our monthly budget. Something had to change again. 

I made another decision...

I knew if I wanted change in my life, it was up to me. So I dusted off my Shaklee business and set my first goal of $1,000 a month. Within six months, we were achieving that. A year later, we had a car payment and our check continued to grow. 

Now we have travelled all over the world on six all expense paid trips, have an extra car payment for a total of nine years, and have replaced my full time income. I coach others how to improve the health of their homes and start businesses that change their lives. We are a community of encouraging, healthy, and empowering people who are here to cheer you on in this life. 

What if you're meant to make a decision today?