You have a stirring in your heart.

You have a great life but there’s something missing. Deep down, you know you aren’t living to your full potential (and that’s driving you crazy!)

You're ready for a change.

You love a good change every now and then. And you don’t do things quietly. You like bold change that spices up life. You know life is short so why not keep trying something new!

You're ready for a revival!

You are tired of the fads, the grind, the exhaustion. You are simply – tired! You want a spiritual, mental, and physical revival.

You are looking for an encouraging community.

Community encourages growth. We were born to help each other, love each other, and support each other. You are ready to be a part of a high energy tribe!

Did you answer YES to any of the above? 

 Global Business Is Possible…

Hi there, we are Shawn & Carmen Gray.  After leaving young careers in Commercial Aviation and Sociology over 20 years ago, we’ve been in the networking profession partnering with tremendous people all over the world.  We’ve been fortunate to build a global team of over 300,000 people in five different countries. We continue to support people daily in their quest to take control of their own lives in various ways. Whether it’s helping people change careers, supplementing income part-time, earning millions of dollars for their own families or simply living younger longer, our worldwide focus is to continually attract people of like minds to come together. We are here to create a business/lifestyle that is meaningful, impactful, profitable, influential and FUN!


Tracy, Turner, and the leadership of the Revive Group not only have talent, skill and desire, they have crystal clear focus and direction on how to build relationships and build up people, in all areas of life.  Whether one chooses to live in small town North Dakota, a massive city in Asia or anywhere in-between, our together mission is to give people the opportunity and resources allowing themselves to flourish daily and SUCCEED.  Combining online and offline tools our vision is to promote progressive business success regardless of one’s background or experience level.  Be yourself, develop your leadership skills, and walk the path with us. Tracy and the entire Revive Group leadership team have what it takes to help you become who you were born to be and thrive in this life.  Together we are building an influential team full of amazing individuals that support each other, live younger longer, enjoy life and create a business that pays you what you actually deserve.  Live where you want to live, meet in amazing places around the world and revive your life one step at a time. Our vision for the future of the Revive Group is something to be proud of and we are ready to help your journey unfold.

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