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Why I Love Early Mornings

I love early mornings. Never in a million years did I think an early wake-up time would be so valuable to me. I LOVE to sleep. I mean love it. Almost as much as I love pizza (almost). On the weekends, the alarm gets shut off and I allow myself to start the day without...

Do It Scared

Most days I do it scared. I love our life. I really do. We have a great home, community, family, friends, health - the list goes on. God knows what he is doing. I also have a burning desire to push myself for more. To stretch our potential. To be bold and brave. Get...

Introducing Our Podcast

You guys!! I started a podcast! I love listening to podcasts. It's such a great way to learn, get motivated, and more! But.... sometimes they are way too long! I get so disheartened when I see my favorite podcasters and their episodes are over 45 minutes long. With...


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Are you living burnt out, worn out, and exhausted? Do you ever feel enough is enough? I’m living proof  to tell you that you have the power to revive your life. We don’t have to wait until someday to start living. We don’t have to wait until the kids are older, until we have more money, or until we have more time. The thing is, someday might not come. It starts here and it starts with you. I’m so happy you’re here. It’s my passion to help others revive their spirits, elevate their minds, and energize their bodies. I firmly believe that with intentional, small decisions every day, it can lead to big life transformations. It’s up to you, but I can help.