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Holidays of Anxiety

I started running again. I discovered that I had taken off for far too long and I missed it. There's nothing a good, quick mile can't help. Lately, I've been putting my Christian music playlist on shuffle before I start and let God pick the songs. For some reason, all...

3 Easy Tips For Eating Healthier

Do you wish you could eat healthier? Today I wanted to simply share some encouragement and ways you can truly eat healthier every day. Our food is designed to FUEL our bodies; not just fill our bodies. When I learned that and really started to appreciate it, I found...

Create Your Village

Sometimes, you need to create your own village. In a previous post, I talked about a beautiful story about God showing up in church last Sunday. I had asked him to show up and be present to me beyond the scripture and songs. That's where I witnessed mom to mom...


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