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Welcome to the Simplified Faith with Tracy Podcast! I am so glad you are here. Each week, I share a five minute blast of encouragement with you. Our podcast’s mission is to share tools that help you make small, simple changes for your body, heart and soul. We want you to get into God’s Word without the overwhelm. We also want to help you live  – a healthier, more energetic life through a company I am proud to partner with every day. I know your time is precious so let’s listen and get living!

About the podcast

I love listening to podcasts. It’s such a great way to learn, get motivated, and more! But… sometimes they are way too long! Uninterrupted mom time can be rare and hard to find. Sometimes we need a burst of encouragement in FIVE minutes. That’s what I am hoping #SimplifiedFaith will be for you. Five minutes of exactly what your heart needs.

New episodes will be available on iTunes and Spotify every Thursday. You can also come back here to get updates as well. I appreciate all of you. Readers, listeners, sharers – you are all very special and important! I am here cheering you on and am grateful for each of you.

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Tracy Fixen

Tracy Fixen


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Episode 32 : What Is In Your Hand?

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