I’ve been writing some form of a blog for over 10 years. If you are still reading this, you are the real star here. You’ve stuck around through site changes, through social media changes, and most of all changes in myself. I started blogging as a way to keep my mind busy when I began running for fun. Yes, running for fun. Then I had our oldest child and my blog became an outlet for me to vent about motherhood but also give encouraging advice. Let’s face it, they were all letters to me to get a grip on this parenthood journey. Many of you would comment on how my stories would resonate with you. We were in the parenting trenches together and I was always determined to help bring a spin of positivity to the journey.

But what I didn’t realize is that it is a creative outlet for me that I truly enjoy. I’ve been asked many times, “When are you going to write a book?” and to that, I usually laugh because what could I possibly write about that would be enough to fill an entire book? I can barely get my word count high enough to contribute to most blogs. I’m not saying no to a book, but I’m guessing it won’t look anything traditional when it happens.

So why am I dusting off the blog again now? Because, like when running, it helps my mind focus on a topic and imagine a story I can tell. And, like entry into motherhood, there are things in my heart to share. There are experiences that resonate with others and I believe we can create a digital community together to help lift each other up in this world. It is needed more than ever.

Yep, those boney hands are hitting the keys again.

What is the vision for this time around? Do I have a plan? What can you, as the reader, expect when coming to this space?

First, this time around is all about God. He keeps putting it on my heart that I need to get writing again. I’ve prayed and prayed for clarity in my time and work and it always comes back to writing. He confirmed in 2018 that blogging is a great space for me but I am really good at getting distracted with “good work” vs. “God work”. Remember when I had a podcast for a bit? Yes, I talked about Jesus but that’s not the work I was meant to do. It was fun. I loved it. But again, a slight distraction. Even the enemy disguises himself as an angel of light. (2 Corinthians 11:14)

Second, have I ever had a plan? Ha! Nope. I don’t really operate with a plan. I’ve always been a go, do, fail, get up, try again, new idea, keep going kind of gal. So the plan is to write and I know I am meant to write about tough subjects. Gulp. Like when I started writing about motherhood, the real, the raw and the ugly, my writing will be tackling the emotions I feel today. I will be writing deeply about Christianity, humanity, and having the hard conversations with our kids. So if you are a mom (or a cool dad) buckle up. We are going to break some generational chains, my friends. Our kids can’t live in the shadows like we did. It’s time to use our voices and teach them to do the same.

Third, what can you expect when you come to this space? I pray you can find conversation laced in grace. That this becomes a space where we can collectively come together to discuss how we can heal our pasts in order to give our children a better future. I pray that this is a space where people decide to shed old ways and take on God’s new. As always, like any group I have hosted for the past seven years, I will not tolerate any forms of hate.

So here we are. This post is the first step in obedience. I don’t have a plan. I don’t have a schedule. But I have God’s gentle and, thank goodness, unconditional patience behind this.

hello from Tracy
hello from Tracy

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