Dear God,

Can we just pause for a moment and talk about your greatness? I know. Isn’t it funny how in a world that came to a literal halt this year we still need to take a moment to pause? You’d think we would have learned our lesson by now. But I digress. This isn’t about us. This is about you.

You’re just great.

Every morning when we wake up, you give us a clean slate. Yes, the world is still in chaos, and let’s face it, it will be for a while. But you care so deeply about us individually. You care about the state of our hearts and our mindset. You care about our relationships with each other. And you care about how we care for ourselves.

With each sunrise, we are given a new opportunity to spend the day seeking out your greatness. It’s everywhere. It’s all around us. Even in the really hard stuff. You’re there. Even when we have to navigate working from home, schooling at home, and just being together all. the. time. You’re there.

great morning sunrise in God's glory
You spoil us,God. Thank you for these mornings.

But again, we aren’t talking about us, we are focusing on you. God, you’re the creator of all. You’re the beginning and the end. You’ve gone before us and you have stood in these places. You are mighty and the great I AM. God, you are our rock, our refuge, and our rest. You are holy, truth, and love. You are patient. (Oh Dear God, do I thank you for your patience with me.) God, you are forgiveness and wisdom. You are our salvation. You are victory.

Yes, God, you are victorious.

You have conquered this world. You know how all of this crazy stuff turns out. And does any of it really matter if we aren’t living for YOU anyway? Our goal isn’t to just survive this world. It’s to spend eternity with YOU. Help us keep our eyes on you, God. Remind us to seek you out so we make wise decisions based on love and not fear. Help us receive your comfort, your love, and your mercy. God, you are everywhere. You are faithful. Your timing is perfect. Yes, perfect, even if we don’t understand.

God, you are our breath. You sustain us, cherish us, and fulfill us. You are our provider and you are abundant. God, you are gracious, compassionate and our strength. You make a new way even when we don’t see it. You hold us by hand, watch over us, and are a light to all nations. God, you have appointed us for this exact time on earth. To live for you, to love for you, to share you with others. And why wouldn’t we want to answer that call? Because God, you’re just great.

hello from Tracy
hello from Tracy

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Do your heart a favor. Go back and read this post again while listening to this song.