For years I feel like God has been trying to get me to take a social media sabbatical. Of course, I’ve come up with a million excuses as to why there was just no way I could log out of these channels. I’d harshly judge myself for my screen time, vowing to set boundaries, and improve. Prayer after prayer. Year after year. I look back through some of my prayers and I can now feel how hard I am on myself at times. Unplug! Set your phone down! Create a routine! All screamed at me through their exclamation marks.

Oh, I’ve tried to log out. One Lent, I didn’t go on Instagram but still stayed on Facebook. This past September I told myself no posting but I still checked and scrolled. I’ve always let the fear that my business will vanish overnight if I’m not plugged in. But what’s happened is that I’ve turned this flexible job into a 365 days a year career. It’s wreaked havoc on my pride. It’s made my brain feel like I’m in constant confusion. But most of all, it means I’ve never fully given God my heart.

Enter the 40 Day Social Media Fast

Through my connections and Instagram scrolling, I found the author Wendy Speake. Her book, “The 40 Day Sugar Fast” grabbed my attention but soon I was seeing posts for her new book “The 40 Day Social Media Fast“. God was again nudging at my heart to give in and take a much-needed break.

So I ordered the book and slowly started talking to a few people about this fast. I uncovered that I was no longer afraid my business would suffer because God has been sustaining me for so long. I am however afraid of losing connection with people. Social media has allowed me to make so many wonderful friends this year. Yes, friends I have not met yet in real life but message almost daily to connect. And while this final fear is real, it is no longer holding me back. I am jumping in with giddy, God filled anticipation for these next 40 days. Taking the rest of 2020 off seems like a good thing to do given the year 2020 has been. We all need a vacation.

Let’s stay connected!

I truly do wish to keep as much connection as possible through these 40 days. It’s Christmas. It’s a holy time. And with the state of the world – loneliness is a real issue. If you have my number – text me, please. If you have my email – drop me a line. When I think of you, my friend, I will do the same. I’m keeping you in my heart as the rest of this year closes out.

Join our December SOUL SPA!

Yes, even though I am going offline, I will still be hosting a SOUL SPA in December. Our theme will be RESTORATION through the journey of Job. I can already feel how powerful it will be to end the year with this theme and enter into the New Year. You can get more details and register for SOUL SPA here:

Join my newsletter and get your guide.

I have an email list you can join and trust me, I rarely use it. Maybe if I blog during these 40 days I will send some reminders for you that way. If anything, you can get my free Simplified Faith guide when you sign up. This is my story to you on how you can let go of shame and guilt and get into your Bible.

Join my wellness community.

I have been a wellness partner with Shaklee for over eight years. Filling nutritional gaps, learning a healthier lifestyle, and receiving encouragement in a judgment-free zone has been life-changing for me. It is my honor to pass on and coach through the program that I use to help other women take control of their health. Tired, cravings, crabby, etc? Been there and have the tools and resources to overcome in a loving and gentle way.

Even though I won’t be on social media for 40 days, this program and my coaching is not going away! Texting and calling my clients is the most impactful way to be successful with these plans so when you join – that is all available to you.

Get started by taking your free, precision based wellness assessment here :

See you in 2021

I think that’s all. I feel like I’m leaving a note for the babysitter with all of my contact information in case you need to get ahold of me in an emergency. See, there’s that pride I need to work on. I am CONFIDENT your life will go on beautifully without my randomness on social media. If you do join with any of the above, check your inbox. I’ll be there anxiously waiting your reply.

Remember – Jesus loves you (He really does!) and so do I!


hello from Tracy
hello from Tracy

Thank you for taking the time to read this post. One of the biggest changes in my life came from opening my Bible. I know it can be overwhelming but I want to encourage you to get started. Download this free guide on how you can get into God’s Word daily.