My Story

There are two things that have changed my adult life that I can’t help but share with others. The first is learning about my Christian faith on a deeper level and the second is how to take care of my body. I believe that these two very simple things can transform anyone’s life.

 When I was 24 years old, my mom was tragically killed in a workplace accident. I was newly married and felt like my life was just starting when we suffered this loss. It took me over a decade to work through the darkest parts of the grief. I will be a forever work in progress.

Fast forward to 31, I was now a mom who had decided to leave her corporate job to stay home and raise babies. It was something my husband and I always had talked about and after trying to navigate the career/daycare shuffle, we took the leap and I started staying home. But during that time at home, I started to really lose myself.

Thankfully, a dear friend took notice. She kept nudging me to open my Bible, to get into God’s Word. I didn’t even own a Bible at the time. I had never done a Bible study in my life. I had never seen that modeled in my life. Even though I grew up in a wonderful Christian home, Bible reading wasn’t a part of it. So after a few of my friend’s nudges, I bought a Bible off of Amazon and downloaded a free study off a Bible app. God changed my life. He had never left me. He was waiting for me to meet Him. I believe that same power is waiting for you too and I am honored to be that friend who nudges you to open your Bible.

In addition to my spirit needing an overhaul, so did my body. I was already a consumer of Shaklee products since my first pregnancy in 2012. The products had already impacted my health dramatically. I had lost over 30 pounds and improved my seasonal allergies, immunity and digestion. I continued to learn about how these supplements could improve my life. In 2014, I decided to pursue an at home career as a Shaklee Independent Distributor and began sharing the benefits of these products with others. By 2017, I had replaced my full time income, earned car payments for 9 years, and was earning all-expense paid trips around the world. We continue to help other families thrive by teaching them about supplementation and total body wellness.

Could we work together?

I guide women to deepen their Christian faith and simplify their morning routine. I also work with women who are ready to add a stream of income to create financially independent families. We are proud brand partners with Shaklee Corporation – creating a healthier lives ™.


You have a stirring in your heart

Deep down, you know you aren’t living to your full potential (and that’s driving you crazy!)


You're ready for A change

You know life is short so it’s ok to keep trying new things.


You're ready for a revival

You are tired of the fads, the grind, and the exhaustion. 


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As your team leader, I am committed to creating community that embraces hard conversations and encourages personal growth.