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 Simplified Faith –
The Getting Started Guide

 Because of how God’s Word changed my life, I am here to guide you in getting started with your Bible. In this guide, you will receive tips on choosing a Bible, how to let go of common “rules” you may have learned, and ideas for your new routine.

I believe in whole body wellness. 

Mind. Heart. Body. Spirit.


Maybe you already have a morning routine. You’re up with the sun – hydrating, moving your body, taking quiet time for yourself. Maybe you want to get started but feel a little stuck on what would be the best practice for you. Either way – I am here to help enhance your morning by guiding you into God’s Word and helping you implement small changes to increase your daily nutrition. 

Learn to love and live better – starting with yourself. 

Nourish Your Spirit

Making time to get into God’s Word provides spiritual nourishment to get through the day. Not sure where to start? I’m here to help you get started.

Energize Your Body

Good nutrition in important to help fuel our bodies. Filling nutritional gaps in our diet is possible with quality supplementation.

Renew Your Mind

Come to a place – just for you – to be encouraged and renewed. Feed your mind with scripture and nutrition education in our free group.

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Stir, Holy Spirit, Stir!

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Writing About the Hard Things

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